MA-KA is an Alternative R&B singer/songwriter based in Dublin, Ireland. Her music is an eclectic mix of R&B and soul with alternative elements. She has released two singles and is currently working on her debut EP. The next single from the EP titled "Better" will be released on 17th July 2020. She is known for captivating live performances, and has gigged extensively across Dublin. MA-KA is a mental health advoate, and in 2019 founded S.U.A.S. (Stand Up Against Suicide), a collective  of artists in the Irish hip-hop scene who aim to tackle stigmas surrounding mental health.


MA-KA's music reflects the modern trap movement while including elements of soul, indie, alternative, and hip- hop.

Her lyrics are vulnerable and defiant, leaning on themes of growth, heartbreak, and resilience. 


MA-KA is known for her strong and captivating live performances. She preforms with a full band (Sambo- Durms, Sean Masterson- Gutaar, and - bass) and occasionally just with her guitar player Sean. 

She has preformed across Dublin at several support slots and gigs including Whelan's One's to Watch Festival. 

MA-KA released her sophomore single, "Where Were You" in 2019 to widespread acclaim. She is currently working on her debut EP with Producer Chris Kabs at Temo Universal. The project is heavily influenced by the likes of Kehlani and Amy Winehouse, and deals with themes of love, heartbreak and everything in between. Her next single from the EP titled "Better" was released on 17th July 2020. 

MA-KA - Casualty (Live)


MA-KA was born in Nigeria and moved to Dundalk, Ireland, at age 4. She started singing in church choir at an early age. In her teens she discovered her talent and passion for songwriting. In her final year of college studying Psychology at NUI Galway, she decided to move to Dublin to pursue music. 

MA-KA began writing because she had something to say. “It was a way for me to communicate the things that I could never put into words." Experiences such as growing up black in a predominately white society, mental health journeys, the dissolution of her parent's relationship, love, and heartbreak serve as focal points of her songwriting. 

Her music is an eclectic mix of R&B and soul with alternative elements sprinkled throughout. She has released three singles, her latest single "Better" was released on July 17, 2020. She is currently working on her debut EP. MA-KA preforms with a full band, and is known for captivating live performances. She has gigged extensively across Dublin, including several prominent support slots and the "Whelan's One's to Watch" festival. 


MA-KA is at the forefront of the current hip hop movement in Ireland. She says the movement is gaining traction because people want to talk and are looking for an outlet.


MA-KA founded the collective S.U.A.S. (Stand Up Against Suicide) in 2019. A dream team of artists in the Dublin hip-hop scene came together to stand up against stigmas surrounding mental health, self-harm, and suicide, to throw a collaborative gig in October at Workman's. The gig raised over €1000 for Pieta House in aid of suicide prevention. All of the artists involved are mental health advocates, who have used their platforms to discuss mental health issues in Ireland, among young people, and creative communities. The second instalment of S.U.A.S., a two day event, was planned for April and was set to feature some of Ireland's best hip-hop talent, (JyellowL, Celaviedmai, Chris Kabs, Jordan Adetunji), was cancelled due to COVID-19 but will be rescheduled for sometime next year.


Hot Press, Live Gig Review of Whelan's "One's To Watch Festival"

"Channelling the likes of Destiny’s Child and Ashanti, she swayed and body rolled her way through a mesmerizing set. Her guitarist added an alternative edge that boosted the power of her personal lyrics. Ma-Ka was ready to bare her soul in a packed room full of mostly strangers (her brother was there to cheer her on). She earned the love of a captivated audience, who booed when she announced she only had time left for one song. Though she only has two singles out so far, she hinted at a new release coming soon. In the meantime, listen to 2019 single 'Where Were You.'

Nialler9, Ones to Watch at Whelans One's to Watch

Alternative R&B artist MA-KA is our upstairs pick for Thursday. Her 2019 single ‘Where Were You’ is fantastic. There’s a serious wave of new, mostly-female, Irish R&B acts gaining more and more traction on the scene (just look at the success of Soulé). Catching MA-KA at One’s To Watch may be your opportunity to see an artist at the formative stages of their ascent.

Nialler9 on "Where Were You"

Dublin-based R&B artist MA-KA comes through on her second single ‘Where Were You’. The production is absolutely key on this cut, best typified in the contrast between the bright rhythm guitars, laced with chorus, and the very distorted sub bassline. MA-KA delivers an authentic vocal, sometimes giving off a slight strain only singers giving it their all get.

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