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MA-KA released her latest single, “Better,” opening up about overcoming trauma and mental health battles. With a catchy beat, quick high hats, and tight vocals, pristine production supports lyrics that are both vulnerable and defiant.

MA-KA says, “I went through a battle, and I won. The song is called “Better”, because I am better, I’m better than the things that have happened to me.” MA-KA hopes that her story and this song will help people who have had similar experiences. She says, “I know now that I went through this so that I could share my story, so I could help other people. I survived it, and I’m surviving it every day.”

MA-KA launched “Better” on July 17th in a virtual launch party, which featured a live performance, Q&A, as well as a premier of the “Better” music video. 

Press for "Better"

Nialler9, 10 New Irish Songs You Should Hear This Week

"Dublin R&B artist MA-KA drops a confident track with shades of Tinashe and Banks and a beat that underscores the song’s personal ruminations about overcoming trauma, sexual abuse and mental health battles."

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Empwr.ie, MA-KA opens up about overcoming trauma which inspired new track 'Better'

"Dublin-based Alternative R&B singer-songwriter MA-KA has released a brand new single, 'Better'. EMPWR are delighted to premiere the song, following a sneak preview of the track on Tara Stewart's 2FM show earlier in the week.'Better,' is an empowering song about overcoming trauma and mental illness."

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MA-KA released her sophomore single, "Where Were You" in August 2019. Angsty and vulnerable, displaying a powerful vocal performance and meticulous production, MA-KA interrogates her audience while channeling strength and resilience. 

MA-KA references the modern trap movement as well as indie, alternative, and hip hop elements in her music. Her voice and writing style leans towards R&B, but she finds a way to incorporate her alternative side. She describes “Where Were You” as a mixing of genres; trap hi-hats melding with indie guitar sounds, her vocals a blend of alternative and R&B styles.

The song is about the dissolution of her parents’ relationship, but written from her mother’s perspective; trying to make sense of the situation by putting herself in her mother’s shoes. MA-KA says, “I feel like all I can write about is growing pains, strength, and heartbreak. I feel like I can't write happy songs, but give me a pen and paper ask me to write about heartbreak and I’ll write you a fucking thesis.”

Praise for "Where Where You"

Nialler9, 9 New Irish Songs You Should Hear This Week

"Dublin-based R&B artist MA-KA comes through on her second single ‘Where Were You’. The production is absolutely key on this cut, best typified in the contrast between the bright rhythm guitars, laced with chorus, and the very distorted sub bassline. MA-KA delivers an authentic vocal, sometimes giving off a slight strain only singers giving it their all get."

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District MagazineMA-KA Releases Deeply Personal New Track

"Dublin singer and songwriter MA-KA has just released her second single, the follow up to 2017’s debut ‘W8NG’. Both tracks are set to feature on a forthcoming EP, with the latest outing exploring the breaking down of her parents’ relationship, written from the perspective of her mother... The multi-faceted artist feels tightly bonded with the world of modern hip hop, especially in Ireland, and says there’s been positive changes in the genre."

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Debut Single "W8NG" 

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